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WhatsApp Messenger, commonly referred to as just WhatsApp, is a Facebook-owned instant messaging service. The free-to-use cross-platform centralized service allows users to send messages, images, documents, locations, and other content via end-to-end encrypted conversations. To sign up, one requires an Internet connection and a valid mobile phone number. Today, WhatsApp can be downloaded on iOS and Android, while the Windows app is essentially a version of WhatsApp Web. The web interface mandates that users remain connected to the Internet using their mobile phone while they use WhatsApp on a desktop browser. As of August 2021, WhatsApp claims to be developing multi-device support so each device can connect to WhatsApp servers independently, without requiring an active internet connection on the primary phone. WhatsApp also features VOIP voice and video calling support. By 2015, WhatsApp had achieved the status of the world's most popular messaging application. As of February 2020, it claimed to service over 2 billion users. However, a poorly worded change in WhatsApp's terms of service caused the app to lose several thousand users. Regular Facebook data leaks and its involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal didn't help matters either.

27 Dec 2022


Starting 2023, WhatsApp won't work on certain iPhones, Android devices

WhatsApp will no longer function on some iPhones and Android devices beginning January 1, 2023.

24 Dec 2022

Christmas Day

Christmas-themed stickers for WhatsApp, Instagram: Here's how to get

Christmas is just around the corner. While you are going to spend the holiday with close friends and family members, don't forget to send festive greetings to your contact list and brighten their day.

24 Dec 2022


WhatsApp feature alert: Users can report status updates soon

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will help users report status updates right from their status section on Windows.

23 Dec 2022


Best WhatsApp features released in 2022: From Communities to Avatars 

WhatsApp, which was launched in February 2009, is currently one of the most popular and widely used social media apps.

19 Dec 2022


WhatsApp releases 'Accidental delete' feature: How to use it

WhatsApp has introduced a new 'Accidental delete' feature for both Android and iOS users.

18 Dec 2022


WhatsApp introduces ability to disable call notifications on Windows beta

WhatsApp is now allowing desktop users to turn off call alerts.

13 Dec 2022


WhatsApp's 'View Once' feature to roll out for text messages

WhatsApp is working on bringing a 'View Once' feature to text messages.

11 Dec 2022


New WhatsApp features: Searching for groups, reacting to messages

WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to search for groups in common with a specific contact on its desktop app.

07 Dec 2022


WhatsApp Avatars launched with billions of customizations: How to use 

WhatsApp has just gained Meta's signature "Avatars" feature. This option, inspired by Bitmojis, is already available on Facebook and Instagram.

'God In a Box' brings OpenAI's ChatGPT to WhatsApp

OpenAI's interactive AI-based chatbot ChatGPT is the talk of the town. The Internet loves this chatbot that can code, tell stories, and write essays.

06 Dec 2022

WhatsApp Business

How to use picture-in-picture video calls feature on WhatsApp iOS?

WhatsApp is testing a new option that will keep the video call active even if you switch to different apps.

04 Dec 2022


Latest WhatsApp updates: Picture-in-picture for iOS, 21 emojis for Android

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature for the iOS beta application, which brings a picture-in-picture mode for video calls to select beta testers. It immediately shows up when users multitask with other apps.

03 Dec 2022


WhatsApp's Android beta update introduces shortcut for 'disappearing messages' feature

WhatsApp is releasing an additional shortcut for disappearing messages feature to some beta users. The disappearing messages feature deletes messages after a specific duration.

02 Dec 2022

Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp's iOS beta introduces 'search for messages with date' feature

WhatsApp will soon allow you to search for messages using dates. This feature is being rolled out to beta users on the iOS version of the app.

30 Nov 2022


'WhatsApp for tablets' now available on Android: How to use?

WhatsApp has started rolling out the 'WhatsApp for Tablets' update to beta testers. This feature enables you to link your existing WhatsApp account to your tablet.

30 Nov 2022

Data privacy

How to safeguard WhatsApp chats from a data breach?

In our technologically advanced world, data breaches can have serious repercussions, putting the privacy of a great number of people at risk.

29 Nov 2022


WhatsApp on iOS: Now add captions while forwarding docs, videos

WhatsApp has released a new stable update for iOS with build number 22.23.77.

28 Nov 2022

Latest Tech News

WhatsApp starts rolling out self-messaging feature: How to use it

Meta-owned WhatsApp has finally started rolling out a new 'Message Yourself' feature on its platform globally.

28 Nov 2022


WhatsApp data leak: Nearly 500mn phone numbers up for sale

WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant messaging platform, is considered fairly safe with its end-to-end encryption. Well, let's not jump to conclusions quickly.

27 Nov 2022

Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp developing 'mute' shortcut for group chats on desktops

WhatsApp is working on a "Mute" shortcut for group chats on desktops, WABetaInfo has reported.

26 Nov 2022


New WhatsApp feature: Desktop users can now share contact cards

WhatsApp is rolling out a new contact card sharing feature for its beta application on Windows, according to WABetaInfo.

25 Nov 2022


Upcoming WhatsApp features: Voice status, Chat for desktop, Calls tab

WhatsApp is expanding its status feature and will soon allow you to post voice messages as well.

24 Nov 2022


WhatsApp is now rolling out polls feature to Desktop client

WhatsApp now allows users to create polls from their desktops as well. The feature is being rolled out to all users on the WhatsApp Desktop version.

23 Nov 2022

Windows PC

WhatsApp will soon allow you to make calls from desktop

WhatsApp is working on extending support for audio and video calls from desktops as well.

22 Nov 2022

Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp Desktop app to get new screen lock feature

Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a screen lock facility for its desktop version.

20 Nov 2022

Jeff Bezos

'Postpone large purchases': Amazon founder Jeff Bezos warns of recession

Billionaire entrepreneur and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has warned of economic recession in the world.

18 Nov 2022

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp introduces Yellow Pages-like Business Directory: How to use it

WhatsApp has introduced a new Business Directory feature in the UK, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

15 Nov 2022


WhatsApp's India head and Meta's public policy director step down

A week after Meta's mass layoffs across the board, the company's public policy head in India Rajiv Aggarwal has resigned. Abhijit Bose, WhatsApp's India head, has also stepped down.

14 Nov 2022


WhatsApp for Android beta update adds support for 'companion' devices

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that allows Android beta users to link up to four devices.

Ex-serviceman goes missing, family receives 'Sar tan se judaa' text

An ex-armyman Rajender Prashad from Delhi reportedly went missing on Monday, his family claimed, suggesting that he might have been kidnapped.

04 Nov 2022


WhatsApp v/s Telegram: A comparison of their latest features

WhatsApp and Telegram are two mainstream apps designed for instant messaging with strong focus on privacy.

03 Nov 2022

Latest Tech News

WhatsApp feature drop: Communities, 32-member video calls, and in-chat polls

WhatsApp has started rolling out a slew of new features that will enhance your messaging experience.

03 Nov 2022

Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp disables 'View Once' messages on all desktop apps

WhatsApp has decided to end support for 'View Once' messages on its desktop client.

28 Oct 2022


WhatsApp finally lets some beta users forward media with captions

Forwarding media is one of the most attractive features of WhatsApp. However, the chances of one of them getting lost in other messages are quite high.

25 Oct 2022


WhatsApp is working on fixing the logout screen bug

Recently, WhatsApp released an option where users could sync their existing accounts to their Android tablets.

25 Oct 2022


Is WhatsApp down? Thousands of users are affected by outage

Is WhatsApp down? That's what thousands of users around the world are asking.

24 Oct 2022


Starting tomorrow, WhatsApp will not work on these iPhones

WhatsApp will stop working on certain iPhone models after October 24. The platform has planned to withdraw support for devices running firmware versions lower than iOS 12.

24 Oct 2022


WhatsApp is rolling out Facebook-like avatars to some beta users

Avatars have been slowly taking over Meta's universe of social media platforms. After Messenger and Instagram, they are also making their way into WhatsApp.

18 Oct 2022


After Google, WhatsApp mocks Apple's iMessage with new advertisement

Meta is marketing WhatsApp as a competitor to Apple's iMessage, and it's doing so by emphasizing on privacy.

17 Oct 2022


WhatsApp's 'edit' feature reaches testing phase. Here's how it'll work

The ability to edit already sent messages has always been a demand of WhatsApp users. Since Twitter recently launched its edit feature, the call for an 'edit' button in WhatsApp has gotten louder.

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