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27 Dec 2022


Year-ender: 5 popular hairstyle trends of 2022

Hairstyles have always played a major role in amping up your overall look and freshening up your personal style.

03 Dec 2022

Fashion Tips

5 trendy and stylish hairstyle ideas for brides

A wedding is the most special day in a girl's life where she does everything to look her best.

01 Dec 2022


Pre-wedding hair care tips for brides-to-be

The wedding season is here and if you are also getting hitched to your beloved this season, then you have landed on the right page!

01 Dec 2022


What is seborrheic dermatitis? Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Seborrheic dermatitis, popularly known as dandruff is a common easy-to-treat skin condition.

28 Nov 2022


5 excellent benefits of coconut milk for skin and hair

Extracted from the grated pulp of mature coconuts, coconut milk has a milky white creamy texture and natural sweetness.

27 Nov 2022


5 natural and homemade hair cleansers 

Winter can make your hair dry, dull, and frizzy and cause dandruff and hair fall problems.

21 Nov 2022


Winter is 'hair': 5 homemade masks to nourish your scalp

Here's to your hair care routine in this season of cold waves.

20 Nov 2022


Reasons to add mulethi oil to hair, skin care routine

Mulethi, or licorice, is a traditional natural herb found in many parts of Europe and Asia, especially in the Indian sub-region.

17 Nov 2022


Top 5 beard styles to ace this wedding season

Wedding bells are ringing for soon-to-be happy couples and you have already RSVPed to their invitation.

16 Nov 2022

Vitamin D

Brittle hair: Reasons and how to treat them

In our quest for healthier hair, we often overcare or undercare our hair, leading to dry and brittle hair.

04 Nov 2022


Ace your 'No-Shave November' game with these beard care tips

It is time for a month-long of beard care, lads!

5 home remedies to help prevent split ends

Split ends occur when your hair lacks adequate moisture or nourishment.

22 Oct 2022


US woman sues L'Oreal, claims company's hair products caused cancer

A woman in the United States on Friday sued French cosmetics giant L'Oreal after she developed a rare uterine cancer, Agence France-Presse reported.

5 natural and homemade hair serums for frizzy hair

If you are someone who suffers from frizzy, dull, and unmanageable hair, then hair serums can be your best friend to ensure every day is a good hair day.

1 October 2022


National Hair Day: Know about these 5 hair types

There's a day dedicated to love and care for your hair.

18 Sep 2022


Hair weaving vs hair bonding: Make your choice!

Hair fall and balding are common issues among young individuals today.

Hair rebonding: Should you opt for it?

Hair rebonding is a kind of straightening technique that uses chemical ingredients to change your hair's natural texture and create a sleek and smooth look.

19 Aug 2022


National Men's Grooming Day: Time for some self-care, blokes!

Style your hair, suit up, and spill some charm guys, because today (drumrolls please), is National Men's Grooming Day!

28 Jul 2022

Health & Wellness

Here's how eating mushrooms can boost your health

Mushrooms are widely popular today for their nutritious and tasty contribution to India's vegetarian cuisine.

26 Jul 2022

Albert Einstein

UK toddler's rare condition makes her look like Albert Einstein!

A UK toddler is grabbing eyeballs for her messy blonde hair and earning comparisons to Albert Einstein and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson!

22 Jul 2022

Health & Wellness

Did you known these fruits can make your hair stronger?

Hair loss can be worrisome for people of all age groups.

14 Jul 2022

Aloe Vera

How to make your own hair gels at home

If your hair is getting dry and damaged due to excessive use of chemical-packed hair sprays, fixers, and gels, then stop using them and opt for homemade hair gels that consist of natural ingredients.

06 July 2022

Health & Wellness

5 homemade drinks to prevent hair fall

If you are suffering from problems of hair thinning and hair loss, you don't necessarily need medicines to treat the condition.

02 Jul 2022


Hair conditioner hacks to help you in the long run

We all know how a conditioner works, and we all use some variant of conditioner after washing our hair.

01 Jul 2022

Health & Wellness

5 yoga asanas to boost hair growth

If you're tired of using a variety of hair care products to see some new hair burst through, yoga offers you a way.

5 natural and homemade hair spa treatments

A good hair spa profoundly cleanses and massages your mane, making it healthy, shiny, and soft.

28 Jun 2022


5 summer-friendly hairstyles for short hair

While long hair looks pretty and attractive, it is extremely difficult to maintain, especially during the summer season.

28 Jun 2022


Ayurvedic hair care for the monsoon season

Your hair care needs to change slightly depending on the season.

27 Jun 2022


5 myths about hair loss you should stop believing

Hair loss can occur due to several factors and there are various treatments and home remedies available to control it.

23 Jun 2022


5 natural homemade hairsprays for healthy mane

Who doesn't want healthy, shiny, and strong hair, right?

20 Jun 2022


5 hair care mistakes that are harming your tresses

Your tresses are your treasure. Your hair really brings together your entire look.

13 Jun 2022


5 benefits of using a wooden comb

Brushing your hair with plastic combs can hurt your scalp, cause hair breakage, and damage your mane.

10 Jun 2022


5 things you can do to prevent hair fall

Hair fall is a common problem among both men and women these days and it can be caused due to several factors including hormonal changes, heredity, stress, medical conditions, and aging.

09 Jun 2022


How to care for color treated hair

Coloring your hair is fun and exciting and can change your entire look.

09 Jun 2022


5 reasons to include onion in your hair care routine

Onion is the latest star hair care ingredient we see experts and influencers suggesting to deal with hair problems.

30 May 2022


5 beauty benefits of buttermilk

Buttermilk is a highly versatile ingredient.

29 May 2022


5 natural ways to straighten your hair

A sleek straight hairstyle never goes out of style and complements most of the outfits we wear.

17 May 2022


5 natural and homemade hair dyes

Hair dyes available in the market are usually loaded with harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and make it rough, dry, and frizzy.

11 May 2022


5 trending hair color techniques

Even if you have decided on the hair color you want to opt for in a salon, the most difficult part is choosing the technique that would make you look the best.

10 May 2022

Summer season

How to keep frizzy hair at bay during summer

Are you struggling with frizzy hair? This summer heat and humidity must be tough for you to manage, as are swelled-up hair.

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