Cheap ways to travel abroad

Don't travel during peak season

One should refrain from planning a trip abroad during the holiday season, world tournaments, etc. as these are when prices hike due to a massive influx of tourists.

Book flights in advance

If you book flights at least 3-4 months in advance, you may get them at a relatively lower cost. You should also use multiple search engines to compare airfare, to save more.

Choose hostels over hotels

To avoid splurging look up some awesome hostels instead of booking a fancy hotel. Hostels offer free breakfasts and an opportunity to connect with other travelers.

Walk instead of hiring cabs

Book a free walking tour around the city you are visiting at your preferred time. This can also get you access to local guides who can offer you the best recommendations.

Cook your own meals

Try to shop for some basic stuff from a supermarket and cook your meals as much as possible. You can also search for nearby street-side vendors who offer food at reasonable prices.

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